Image by Chris James

McTear’s Auctioneers / In a competitive arena McTear’s has established itself as one of the most respected independent auction houses in the UK, with a market leading position in the sale of fine art, whisky and jewellery.

With our assistance, the business has achieved world record prices for some of the finest single malt whiskies on the planet and artworks by Scotland’s leading contemporary artists.

Through a programme of ‘storytelling’ across multiple communications channels we have helped to raise awareness of the company and generate interest in the various auctions, often on a global stage.

At the heart our support is story identification and content generation. In addition to an industry leading level of media coverage, content is edited for use across social and digital media channels.

Highlights include ‘the most expensive ‘nip’ in the world’, the sale of renowned Scottish artist Peter Howson’s portrait of Madonna, a medal from Celtic Football Club’s first ever cup win in its inaugural 1888/89 season and the sale of a rare £1 note for £1700.

This PR focused approach sees only the most influential lots highlighted, ensuring that maximum exposure is achieved for the company.