scot bio
Image by Julie Howden

Scot Bio / Scotland has been known for centuries as the place where innovation and invention is most at home.

There are countless exciting and visionary companies across the country working on developing and commercialising clever technology and Scot Bio is one excellent example.

Making natural blue food colourant from algae is a very simple description of Scot Bio’s innovation and the highly desirable product is now on a rapid period of growth that has attracted multi-million pound investment from across the world.

Of course, the process is a lot more complex than that and there are other applications of its patented technology. The company’s reactor-based process is responding to worldwide demand for ‘clean labels’ and products free of artificial colours.

Working with the senior management team we have helped shape a communications plan that targets mainstream and trade media channels, generates content for use across the company’s social and digital platforms and supports the directors’ business development programme.

From an almost standing start, Scot Bio’s profile is now that of one of Scotland’s most exciting businesses with real global ambitions through a managed communications plan that maximises the company’s growth milestones.