Image by Chris James

Esprit / Transportation, the environment and technology are all big talking points these days and the voices are getting louder.

When all three come together there is a strong reason to sit up and listen.

The Esprit is a next generation public transport system that uses its innovative mobility system to allow people to make use of small, electric vehicles to facilitate short trips between two distinct locations.

The purpose built, lightweight, ‘L’ category electrical vehicles are designed for short journeys in areas of high population and can be stacked together (in a similar way to shopping trolleys) to save space.

A leading project in the European Commission’s Green Vehicles Sub-Programme of Horizon 2020, it is a collaboration between multiple organisations from industry and academia across Europe, including The University of Aberdeen.

As part of its extensive consultation programme, the vehicles were demonstrated to stakeholders at events in Lyon, Barcelona and Glasgow.

Undertaking a media relations role, we worked with the project co-ordinator to identify key trade journals covering transport and environmental matters, extend invitations to see the prototype operating for the first time in the UK, and brief with background information, images and video.

Video content created was used by the BBC on its social channels resulting in significant engagement and comment from members of the public.