hillington park
Image by Chris James

Hillington Park / Since its foundation in 1938, Hillington Park has been at the heart of Scottish industry.

As Scotland’s first industrial estate, set up by an Act of Parliament after World War I, it has grown to be the country’s largest business park and has been home to thousands of businesses throughout its 80 year history.

Famously, Rolls-Royce built its Merlin engines here during the Second World War and at its peak employed over 25,000 people and produced 400 engines every week.

The popular Penguin biscuit was produced here during the 1940s, 50s and 60s and, in the early 60s, the internationally renowned golf club manufacturer John Letters & Co Ltd was kitting out golfers across the world including superstars Gary Player and Lee Trevino.

Now a myriad modern businesses in the technology, renewables, logistics and engineering sectors thrive here and it still remains a firm base for the service, automotive and construction industries too.

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